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Houston Digital Agency Case Studies

From Concept To Market: We Engineer Projects For Superior Performance

Data-Based Digital Strategy
Increases Repeat Sales Internationally


Digital Strategy Results

In 6 months, our digital strategy produced over 40,000 rewards members globally and increased repeat sales.
  • 40,000
    active members
    inside the program
  • 56%
    of customers are
    repeat customers
  • Automated
    generated for the campaign
    detailing real time data

Multichannel Digital Strategy
Increases Lead Base


Digital Strategy Results

In 6 months, our digital strategy increased targeted sales:
  • 20%
    sales increase for
    Xerox Versalink
  • 43%
    conversion rate
    for nurtured leads
  • Improved
    and best practices
    for Xerox team

Multichannel Digital Strategy
Boosts Brand Awareness & Sales


Digital Strategy Results

In 2 months, our digital strategy showed significant results:
  • 53
    new backlinks
  • 1500
    organic keywords
  • 21%
    lower bounce rate
    on contact page
  • 18.5%
    lower bounce rate
    on free trial page
  • Increased
    on Free Trial page
    to 3:20

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Our Brand Strategy Types

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy defines your brand's positioning, values, persona and visual identity to help you effectively engage your target audiences, educate them on your offering and grow visibility, as well as ensure brand consistency across channels.

Based on primary and secondary research, and guided by your input, our experts help you rebrand or develop a new, authentic brand that resonates both with your employees and target audiences.

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

A brand communication strategy facilitates brand voice consistency, provides messaging guidelines tailored to audience segments and helps optimize the corporate response to possible crisis scenarios.

Working with you closely, our experts conduct research to recommend the top communication channels to invest in; craft messaging samples for audiences at different stages of the conversion funnel; and create communication workflows to optimize your crisis response.


How Our Houston Branding Experts
Build Your Brand Strategy

01Client Kickoff Call
02Business Analysis
03Primary & Secondary Research
04Brand Strategy
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The Pillars Of A Brand Strategy

How We Create Unique & Engaging Brand Identities

Brand Audience

Our branding specialists study your target audience segments to identify their pain points, goals and emotional triggers. These underpin their approach to brand voice and visual identity.

Brand Positioning

With a tight grasp on the industry and competitive landscape, as well as your business'unique value proposition, our branding experts define the positioning, i.e. the "place" your brand will occupy in consumers' minds.

Brand Visual Identity

Visual consistency is crucial to brand retention. Our team of Houston brand designers develops a brand style guide that documents your key visual assets and guidelines for their use.

Brand Messaging

How well you communicate your offering is key to engaging your target audiences. From taglines to vocabulary do's and dont's, we provide you with guidelines to help you shape your brand voice and effectively communicate your value proposition.

How Houston Branding Specialists Build
Effective Brand Communication Strategies

Communication Analysis​

Communication Analysis

Once we understand your typical customer journeys, we analyze your communication channels. There, we observe the engagement levels, audit your messaging, and look for opportunities to engage your audiences at various stages of their buyer journey.

Finally, we analyze your competitors' channels to leverage their weaknesses and harvest ideas for new and more effective communication methods.

Communication Goals

Communication Goals

A solid strategy requires clear, measurable and attainable objectives.

We help you define your specific communication goals which can include increasing social media engagement, improving brand perception, streamlining content creation, and optimizing crisis response – to name a few.

Channels & Media Selection

Channels & Media Selection

To help you identify the communication channels where your brand is most likely to reach its target audience, we look at the data.

We audit your existing channels, as well as your direct and indirect competitors' online presence to find the best platforms to invest in.

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication are the guidelines that govern how your business should respond to unexpected and disruptive events. Its goal is to optimize the quality and timeliness of your crisis response and mitigate further risks.

Your communication strategist will work with you to list some of the most plausible crisis scenarios to be able to identify the crisis communication stakeholders, workflows and messaging types.


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