These are miscellaneous badges I’ve ran across. Some of them you can just claim, while others you may be asked to subscribe to a newsletter. If you would like your badge added or removed from this page leave me a comment and I will take care it right away.

AJ Butler’s Blog Badge
Click on the badge to be taken directly to AJ’s claim badge page. While your there, be sure to signup to AJ’s newsletter. You’ll find some very interesting posts and tutorials on photoshop and other interesting topics.
Willet Holdman’s Personal Badge
Click on the badge to be taken directly to claim Willet’s badge page. You can claim his badge daily. Willet is very passionate about helping others succeed.
Turtle Hits Charter Member Badge
Click on the badge to see instructions on claiming the Turtle Hits Charter Member Badge. You can claim this badge once. Turtle Hits is a fairly new exchange, give a try. I plan on writing a review to post on this site.
Jerokiah Darr Badge
Click on the badge to for instructions on claiming the JerokiahDarr Internet Marketer Badge. While not required to claim his badge, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to his newsletter “30 Day plan to profit”.
Terri Sinclair aka KBrandy
Terri Sinclair just started her blog on Feb 3rd. Click on her badge and check out her first blog post.
Keith Marozsan – 5000 Hits Per Day Badge
Keith Marozsan offers his exclusive badge to subscribers to his 5000 hits per day newsletter. Click on the image to subscribe. Keith offers tons of valuable reading to his subscribers. Friend him at CTP for his personal badge as well.
Abe Cambell’s Personal Badge
Abe’s a great guy with a lot of passion. Click the badge meet Abe and he will give you his badge code.
Andrew Stark’s Badge
Head over to Andrew’s Blog and subscribe to get his blog badge. Andrew blogs about List Building, Tips on getting the most from traffic exchanges as well as marketing strategies in general. You’ll be learning interesting things which could actually help you. Lookers Badge
Lavonne’s blog offers some SEO tips and a image hosting service. The badge is tiered so you can claim it everyday.