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Recent Ecommerce Launches

Custom B2B & B2C Websites Engineered To Perform

B2C Ecommerce Site 

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Archon flexes its muscles with an interactive eComm site

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High Tech eCommerce Site

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A simple sales funnel enhances the user experience

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B2C Website that Delights

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Creating a rewarding experience with a fresh, simple website design

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Retail Ecommerce Site

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Fashionable website design drives more online revenue

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A Shopify Development Agency​

Focused On Growing Brands Online

Shopify Website Development & Integrations​​​

We Build Shopify Super Stores​

Reach More Customers​

Reach More Customers​​

From Google Shopping to Amazon, Shopify offers a wealth of integrations to grow your market online.​

Our digital strategists and Shopify developers can help you select and integrate your store with the right platforms that will increase your reach, lead base and revenue.​

Get more leads, sales and data.​

Automate Marketing Efforts​

Automate Marketing Efforts​

Integrate your store with your favorite marketing tools, from email to social media.​

We can help you automate your user data transfers, streamline and improve your retargeting campaigns, run advanced loyalty programs and more!​

Grow brand awareness, retention and loyalty.

Grow Revenue​

Grow Revenue​​

Shopify integrates with a variety of intelligent services that “study” customer behavior and incentivise users to complete the purchase and increase spend.​

Our experts can help you develop tailored strategies and integrate the tools to reduce cart abandonment and increase average cart size via upsell and smart related product suggestions.​

Reduce cart abandonment. Grow revenue.

More Options & Opportunities

More Options & Opportunities​

Streamlined processes, marketing automation and smart conversion-boosting tools are just some of the options Shopify integrated services provide.​

Our experts will help you plan and implement your Shopify upgrades strategically to reach your business goals.


Shopify Development Process

Carefully Planned From Start To Finish

03UI & UX Design
04Development & Integration
05Quality Assurance​
06Launch & Maintenance​

Shopify Ecommerce Development Best Practices ​

How We Build High-Performing e-Stores That Convert​

A/B Testing

A/B Testing​

A/B testing gives you an accurate, data-based insight into your users’ on-site behavior and preferences. It can reveal the bottle necks in your users’ on-site experience, allowing us to optimize their journey, reduce drop-offs and cart abandonment, and increase conversions.​

Use The Right Payment Gateways

Use The Right Payment Gateways ​

Besides its own payment gateway, Shopify integrates with all the leading third-party services including PayPal and Stripe. We use our market analysis findings to consult our clients on the best services to use for a smoother checkout process.​



If chosen strategically, Shopify plugins and third-party add-ons can automate your workflows, marketing campaigns and customer communication. We can help you identify and implement the right add-ons to boost your e-growth.​

Once Again: Security & Backups

Web security is one of the most overlooked elements in the development process which can cause long-term damage to your Shopify store. We always ensure that our clients’ sites are fully protected, enabling them provide great user experience and build user trust.​.

We Partner With Our Clients To Drive Results

Expert Team Members

Results-Driven Proactive Approach

Streamlined Execution

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