Click Track and Profit with StartXchange

StartXchange has been around since 2001. You don’t have that kind of longevity unless you consistently over-deliver. StartXchange just does just that, it is great traffic exchange that consistently delivers quality traffic. This is a highly active site where the usually 100+ surfers are present. The upgrades are very affordable and is well worth the price for the quality traffic you will be receiving.

Badges are usually delivered in 50 surf increments and they have tiered surf badges you can claim at 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2500 pages surfed. You’ll also get your surfing bonus increased for every 50 pages surfed.

Surf just 100 pages in a day to be placed in the random draw for 1 of 3 1000 credit bonus. Also be sure to change the daily challenge of the day for extra bonuses. The challenge may be to surf a number of pages or to post in the forum or be active in the chat. Complete the challenge and then you see what the bonus your awarded. Could a number of banner impressions, text ad impressions or extra credits. The daily challenge is usually fairly simple to complete and will usually take less than an hour.

Happy Surfing!!! Hope to see you in the StartXchange chat.