Hello and welcome to CTP Badges.

If you are not familiar with Click Track Profit then you are missing out on a wealth of free training videos mostly delivered by the TimTech Nerds.   Click Track Profit is an easy to follow step by step system which will guide you through setting up your splash pages, show you how to track the response of your ads which ultimately lead you to a profitable online business.

CTP is not watch a video and post an add and see $10K in a month in 30 days.  At CTP there is no hype an no pitches.  CTP teaches a very methodical method of slow growth and take action at your pace.  The key to being successful is taking action. CTP will show you those actions to take.

CTP is free to join and you can become CTP Certified and also earn the CTP Expert certification.  Now there is an upgraded paid member area of CTP…  This will get you even more training videos,  higher commissions and random referrals.   I am an upgraded member and I highly recommend the upgrade. I use CTP for something just about every day.


CTP is highly addictive.  You also need to have some fun and have some friendly competition.  One of CTP’s “FUN” aspects is collecting Badges.  All of the TimTech Sites have hidden  and tiered badges.  When you find a badge you claim it and add it to your profile. Once you’ve claimed you first few badges you’ll find yourself wanting to find more and collect more.  It is a lot of fun i have over 7500 badges as of this writing.


CTP most precious asset in my mind is that of Community.  We are a community of like minded individuals who are seeking close to the same objectives.  We lean on each other for help. If your reading this blog and got this far and need any help add me to skype WHODID29.  Give me a shout and I will try my best to answer the questions you have.  Or stop by TELive any day between 3-4 central time.  What you will find is a wonderful group of people willing to help and offer suggestions on things that are working for them.  They will also give you the truth when you ask them to review your splash/ad pages.  Justin might even go into a deep Color Theory dissertation.   It’s just a great place to meet new friends and learn more at the same time.